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SR High

There are many different avenues we use to reach our SR High (grades 9-12) students for Christ, help them grow to be like Him, and be salt and light in the world in which they live. 

- On Sunday mornings, we offer a service for students during the 9am service at Evans Elementary.  We also encourage our youth to attend one of our NPCC worship services or serve in a minstry during the other hour.  Our desire is that their faith would be not only a personal thing but that they would use it to IMPACT the world around them through serving God and others.

 - On Monday evenings, our High School students, along with our Middle School students, meet at Crossroads Church, 10 W. Cherry Lane, Limerick, for 514 House of Prayer.  The first half hour is spent in hang-out time allowing the students to get to know each other better.  The rest of the time is spent in teaching/sharing/praying.

 - We encourage our students to serve in our community and provide opportunities for them to do this at a local ministry approximately once per month.

 - We also offer occasional social activities for the students.  We encourage them to use these activities to introduce their unchurched friends to 514 Ministries.

 - For the past 5 years, our students have attended Student Life Mission Camp for a week in the summer.  This camp is a great mix of fun, service, solid Bible teaching, and worship and God has used it greatly to inspire spiritual growth in the lives of many of our students.

 - We have a strong student leadership development program for those students who have demonstrated spiritual consistency and maturity.  For the past several years, some of our students have participated in summer mission trips sponsored by Leader Treks, a ministry devoted to developing leadership skill in our youth.  These ministries work together to help our students grow into leaders among their peers now and into future leaders in their homes, communities, and our local churches.

For more info about the SR High portion of 514 Youth Ministries, contact Pastor Scott Childs (