514 Ministries


The name of our ministry comes from Matthew 5:14 -

“You are the light of the world.
A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” 


Our Vision:
In 514 Ministries, children, teenagers and young adults are the event! We celebrate each individual's uniqueness, gifts, and talents while helping them be a light wherever God has placed them (family, school, neighborhood, community, etc…)!

Our Purpose:
We are here to encourage children, teens and young adults to:

Meet Jesus as their Savior
Follow Jesus in an authentic relationship
Serve Jesus by helping their peers, church, and community
Love Jesus by living for Him daily

Our Program:
Relationships come first! Programs and events will come, go, and change; however, relationships are a constant. The key to a successful ministry is quality relationships. Quality relationships are the foundation for quality programs. It is our goal and priority to build relationships!  We build relationships with our youth through service activities, social activities and through large and small group study and interaction.

514 Youth Ministries is divided into 3 distinct age groups:          
 - High School (grades 7-12)
 - Team 456 (grades 4-6)
 - 514 Kids (newborn through grade 3)

While most activities/studies target one of these age groups, some are available to all age groups.  We also encourage our SR High youth to build relationships with our younger youth by assisting adult leaders in small groups studies and social activities.  More details about each group can be found on their individual page on our website.

Brandon Vining is Family Life Pastor. Brandon can be reached at